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What do low and high “res” mean?

Last Updated: Sep 05, 2013 02:50PM EDT
“Res” is short for resolution. This is the measure of a digital image’s quality. Basically, we measure image quality using DPI (dots per inch), which is the number of pixels in a given area of your image. When compared with the size of the wallet, the DPI will tell us how well the image will print, i.e. how much your wallet will look like the image on your screen. Click here for more information.

Our printers can achieve 300 DPI, so images near or above 300 DPI (5 stars) will come out very much like the images on your screen.  

Images lower than 300 DPI (4 stars or less).... not so much. The lower the DPI below 300, the more pixelation and distortion you will get on your wallet.

Below 72 DPI (0 stars) is definitely not the way you want to express yourself on your wallet, believe us.
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